IJIRP – International Journal of Innovative Research and Practices is a peer reviewed publication for promoting of high academic quality on trends and practices of interest and concern. It aims at generating fresh scholarly enquiry and rigorous exposition in the many different disciplines of the social sciences, sciences and humanities. It seeks to encourage inter¬disciplinary study analysis, strong comparative perspectives and research that reflect and bringing new practices of theoretical or methodological approaches and concepts. Our mission is to bring the highest quality research to the widest possible world public. We committed to provide analytical and to link professional communities with superior specialist information – produced by authors and colleagues/institutions over the cross cultures and institutions in a nurtured collegial atmosphere of which we are justifiably proud.

We started publishing journal to coalesce innovative ideas, theories, practices and concepts intra boundaries at advancing knowledge and learning. Our dynamic growth allows us to invest continually all over the world. Contributing to the progress and application of modern discoveries, by providing free access to research information with statistical measures without financial, legal or technical barriers.


The theme of IJIRP – International Journal of Innovative Research and Practices is the integration of innovative research practices of the world with this the rest of the world would share and express. It intends to cover the areas of education, Humanities, Social sciences, Philosophy, Science &Technologyand Management.

The motive of publishingis the foundational diversity in the field of research that inferred from multiple disciplines. Secondly the broad opposing theoretical perspectives of research practices, the dominant or dual functionalist research and practices and its discourses, are based on different inclinations towards the foundational knowledge disciplines of the research field. The major motive of IJIRP is to create new research practices and synergy between the apparently opposing and divergent perspectives of the knowledge in the society.

The second main stimulus for taking out IJIRP – International Journal of Innovative Research and Practices is to promote contextualization of Research theories and practices. Recently there has been an upsurge to contextualize multicultural environment in the nation. Its objective is to ascend further and to utilize a higher and whole construct civilization which is like an ocean where all the streams of cultural and national thought merge. This perspective also has the potential to challenge the monotony of globalization and to preserve and promote not only the localized and contextualized knowledge but also to provide an opportunity to interact with the innovative research and practices, perspectives and paradigms in the transnational world.

The third motive is to encourage research studies in the interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences are witnessing the emergence of new paradigms in the form of innovative research, research practices, research theories and its accurate interpretation and application. Innovative research is made up of human beings who have the capacity to build and create collective and new area for research. It specializes for creating interdisciplinary knowledge for the usage of researchers, organizational individuals, and institutions that functions are to be understood in the realm of holistic knowledge rather than as mere positivistic and empirical constructs for the innovative research for the betterment of the society.

In nutshell the motives of innovative research practices can be summarized as creation of original new knowledge connecting with other and different fundamental organizational knowledge focusing on new thrust areas of knowledge appraisal and multi-subjects, multi-philosophical and multi-cultural knowledge moving from multi-disciplinary to holistic view of research theories and practices.