IJIRP – International Journal of Innovative Research and Practices is a quarterly, double blind peer reviewed journal with a mission to publish quality research material in all areas of a social. It welcomes the researchers having different research and academic backgrounds from all around the globe to submit their writing contributions for the journal. It is interested in publishing rigorous research papers that provides sound theoretical and clear insights with future practical and actionable implications for the well being of stakeholders of the society as a whole. As the journal is keen to promote the research in the field of Societal Development so the journal is pleased to publish the research contributions in any new and emerging topic of the these areas.

For the convenience of the authors some of the acceptable areas in IJIRP – International Journal of Innovative Research and Practices are listed down.

  • Ambedkar Philosophy
  • Astrological Studies
  • Biological Sciences
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Business& Management
  • Christian Studies
  • Commerce
  • Communication
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Gandhian Philosophy
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Legal
  • Literature
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Medical
  • Music / Dance
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Physical & Chemical Sciences
  • Politics
  • Social Sciences
  • Spiritual Studies
  • Sports
  • Statistical Studies
  • Technological
  • Vedic Studies

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