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Welcome to Forum4Researchers  

Forum for Intellectual Academicians and Researchers is a research body that works primarily in the knowledge sharing and research practice. The forum also sets itself the task of collecting factually accurate knowledge and information about the society and disseminating the same through appropriate media including Conferences, FDPs, Workshops, Career Guidelines, Counseling and Publications. The forum is open to collaboration with students, research scholars, academicians, oraganisations and institutions for fostering education in any branch of knowledge.

The foundation of the society can be built by creative and innovative knowledge. The society developmental dimension has been edge on saturation. The society and nation can be prospered by the innovative research and the trends and practices which are to be effectively implemented and updated and distribute the research fruits to the distant mass.

In this connection we would like to start the journal (International Journal of Innovative Research and Practices) keeping in view of the establishing society based core knowledge and determined to collect the knowledge and scatter it to the world public.

The motto of innovative research practices can be summarized as creation of original new knowledge connecting with other and different fundamental organizational knowledge focusing on new thrust areas of knowledge appraisal and multi-subjects, multi-philosophical and multi-cultural knowledge moving from multi-disciplinary to holistic view of research theories and practices. Hoping that the intellectuals may accept in this regard and contribute the best for the society development sake.

Impact Factor 1.49

A double blind peer reviewed Journal

International Journal of Innovative Research and Practices
ISSN No: 2321-2918 (Print)
2321-2926 (Online)